Managing Member of the Law Firm “Juscutum” Artemy Afyan

In Ukraine, they want to cover the 5-profit tax cryptocurrency procedure and the procedure for its extraction. What they think about this members of the auction?
In Ukraine, they want to cover the 5-profit tax cryptocurrency procedure and the procedure for its extraction. This kind of draft law is noted in the House. Although the act was created by members of the autocephalous crypto-community, in the very society itself the plan acquired incompatible responses.

Everything is consistent with this, the fact that the decree is necessary, but comparatively this, as well as someone who is obliged to correct, there is no common opinion bitcoinchemist.net. Generates reviewer and tax amount. Some believe its true value due to the conclusion of the cryptocapital cosmetics, others – a factor in its future decrease in the jurisdiction of other states and services in the twilight.

ES collected a note of 6 specialists from the autocephalous cryptobusiness ecosystem. From among them there are also co-authors of the bill, and the society, who refused to take part in the study of an important document with due to another point of view on the issue of adjustment of cryptocurrency.

Managing Member of the Law Firm “Juscutum” Artemy Afyan

- As well as a member of the bard category I can note: by establishing the principles of taxation of actions with cryptocurrency, the decree will bring down the problems of legal status and provide an opportunity to legitimize crypto-capital, thus running funds into the economy. At present, it is necessary to demonstrate the earning resource in the presence of acquiring housing before, and the owners of cryptocurrency solved this kind of ability.

According to the bill, the deepening-deepening procedures are not taxable. The government introduces the tax rate only in this case, what is capable of exercising control: the interchange of cryptocurrency in funds or products.

Managing Participant in Emercoin Apostle Bigus

- The decree on cryptocurrency is necessary, so just as every job that does not possess the submitted laws is not at all particularly interesting for the purpose of traders and businessmen. It is important, in order that the decree does not hold back the novelties.

It is also necessary to keep in mind that the latest trends in blockchain development have every chance to be directly and in no way associated with cryptocurrency, but for example, subsidizing such plans will fall directly into it.

With the thesis “W cryptocurrency, yakі buli pridban і up to the introduction of a tax file, you get to pay 5% in no way for the gain, but from the idea of ​​sumi” doesn’t agree.

Since the government rarely stays in an intense outlook and usually only responds to the accomplished data, this principle forces businessmen not to function “in the market”, and wait until state regulation catches global trends. This delays the merchant’s work in full.

Founder of the autocephalous cryptoactive exchange of KUNA.io Misha Chobanyan

- The decree on the taxation of cryptocurrency is necessary in order to establish the laws a form of entertainment. This act allows taxation to be introduced only in this part of it, which belongs to the interaction of a cryptographic company with a society of fiat funds.

For example, a merchant acquired income and captured it in the hryvnia – it means someone quietly pays 5% of the tax. If there is no income, in this case, the fee will not be charged. If this decree is not carried out in any way, then the SFS is able to use a different rate – 18% of the tax on the profit of physiological persons, the advantage of combat gain of 1.5%.

The law is also necessary for the purpose of this, in order for lawyers to have the opportunity to make cryptocurrencies: to acquire, implement, pay in cryptocurrency and pay 5 percent interest-bearing duty on income.