Проект по Договор № BG06RDNP001-4.001-0279-C01 от 27.05.2021 г.

декларация -ISO 2023
ISO 45001 2015 EN 2023
ISO 45001 2015 BG 2023
ISO 14001 2015 EN 2023
ISO 14001 2015 BG 2023
ISO 9001 2015 EN 2023
ISO 9001 2015 BG 2023

информация за проект админ договор BG06RNDP001-4.015-0101-C1

информация за проект Договор с ДФЗ – BG06RDNP001-4.001-0279-C05

IFS Food Certificate Milky Group Bio EAD 2021


BS OHSAS 18001 2007_0001 certificate

ISO 9001 2015_0001certificate

ISO 14001 2015_0001certificate


The Customers are in the center of our attention. Our mission is to introduce solutions and alternatives satisfying customers’ expectations.

Milky Group Bio Ltd as Supplier of raw materials striving to offer innovative products with excellent quality just when needed. At competitive prices, of course!

With our flexibility and excellent logistics, storage and expertise we ensure our deliveries in accordance to European requirements.


We engage with:

  • Supply of raw materials for food industry
  • Reliable storage
  • Quality assurance check
  • Intelligent logistic
  • Innovative development


We believe that the one who should come back with us is The Client not the product.